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24 05, 2017

Creating Health Through Work

2017-05-24T10:54:03+01:00May 24th, 2017|Eye In The Sky, Light Bulb Moment|0 Comments

Alongside my ELC work, I contribute to The New NHS Alliance Executive - a group of like minded people seeking to support the NHS to create health. The Alliance has just published its manifesto and it offers some new thinking on how we support the NHS to create health rather than treat disease. It’s [...]

3 02, 2017

Is Work A Health Outcome?

2017-02-03T11:28:03+01:00February 3rd, 2017|Eye In The Sky|0 Comments

Last week I found myself diving into a new policy area – work and health. There is a Green Paper out: Improving Lives: The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper. It's focusing question is: 'What will it take to transform the employment prospects of disabled people and people with long-term health conditions?' Through my [...]

20 01, 2017

Improving Maternity Commissioning: What Midwives Think

2017-01-21T11:32:46+01:00January 20th, 2017|Eye In The Sky|0 Comments

In April 2016, I ran a workshop at a conference on Continuity of Carer for about 60 midwives and maternity service managers. Having completed an extensive piece of work for commissioners in NHS Slough CCG around improving maternity care a year earlier, I had plenty of insight from families and maternity teams to share with [...]

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