The GP Forward View announces that there will be an increase in investment in clinical pharmacists working in GP practices across England. This is really good news. The ELC Programme knows from its work that the impact of medicines on their life is something that really concerns people and family carers, and that when someone finds themselves taking a prescribed medicine every day, it is often a shock and life changing. They have gone from being a ‘well’ person to a ‘sick’ person who is reliant on drugs.

We have been working with GP practices to help them to embed group consultations as an alternative to one to one routine follow up appointments. Now that clinical pharmacists are working so closely with GP teams, it makes sense for them to also be exploring whether group consultations could help them realise up to 300% efficiency gains.

We presented this idea to a conference of clinical pharmacists with a special interest in diabetes in May 2016. The infographic above summarises the key benefits in terms of medicines optimisation.

We would be interested to hear from anyone who would like to work with The ELC Programme to pilot clinical pharmacist led group consultations.

Contact us today to discuss group consultations.