As we enter the New Year, many of us will be thinking about resolutions – setting goals and reflecting on the outcomes we would like to work on in 2017.

We like to think we are all different and unique – and of course, we are! But at the same time, we are all surprisingly similar – especially when it comes to what matters to us around keeping well. Consistently over the last seven years, people have told us that seven things matter most. Listed in this Infographic, they are what gives people a sense of purpose and hope – and the reassurance they need to take control. They are the things we measure in The Life Improver Score.

When you are making your resolutions, test them out. Think about how you will improve the domains of your life in 2017. Forget stopping things. Focus instead on starting things!

And if one of those things is measuring person centred outcomes, please give us a call!