In April 2016, I ran a workshop at a conference on Continuity of Carer for about 60 midwives and maternity service managers.

Having completed an extensive piece of work for commissioners in NHS Slough CCG around improving maternity care a year earlier, I had plenty of insight from families and maternity teams to share with participants.

My brief for the workshops was to trigger a ‘call to action’ from midwives to commissioners and to see a change in the way they commission maternity care so that continuity of carer happens at scale. It was too good an opportunity to miss.

I made sure that the workshops captured participants’ thinking so that I could use it to produce a report and summary of their feedback for maternity stakeholders to use to inform their work. That report is attached here and also summarised in an article published in the AIM Journal.

 Download the report here.

I really hope that this simple and down to earth advice is taken on board by those implementing The Maternity Review.

Midwives, I am told, feel they know nothing about commissioning. They know a lot more than they think! And their advice, captured in this report, is very sound.

It would undoubtedly transform commissioning if it was followed universally.

If you would like to learn more about our work in maternity commissioning; learn how to measure family centred outcomes and transform the way you improve maternity care, please get in touch.