This week we found out we will be working with Nottingham City Care Home Vanguard to evaluate resident and care home staff experience. We will also be investing in this programme through The ELC Impact Fund.

The evaluation will build on benchmarking work we undertook earlier this year to identify what matters most to residents. It is a really positive first step towards measuring and making visible what matters to residents and the care home staff who support them – and the hard work is just beginning!

Last week I met with Emma Miller and Karen Barrie from the Scottish Meaningful and Measurable Programme to discuss the work we are planning in Nottingham.

Their work is focused on how to embed care focused on achieving improved personal outcomes. They have done a lot of work in care homes in partnership with My Home Life Scotland. It was great to exchange ideas. For me, the conversation reinforced two really fundamental truths we need to remember as we move forward:

  • Most of the time, the NHS ignores the expertise of care home workers. This is something we have found in ELC work in care homes too. Care home workers may not be medically qualified, but they know their residents really well and spend a lot of time with them. They are often the first to spot when something is wrong; yet often the clinical people working with homes overlook their expertise. Our measurement tool definitely needs to involve them in discussions about what matters to the resident
  • There is no one way to support people who live with dementia to articulate what matters. We will need to have a range of tools at our disposal – from visual prompts to caring conversations with simple words and listening and seeking to understand through non-verbal communication too.

My late mum died of Alzheimers, so this is a piece of work I feel especially passionate about. I really hope we will make a difference and design a measurement tool that shines a light on what matters to residents and care home staff. I will keep you posted!

If you would like to talk to us about how you can measure what matters to care home residents, do get in touch.