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ELC™ Group ConsultationsWhenever we do ELC Transformation work, people tell us the same things matter to them – especially those who live with long term or complex care issues.

They tell us that they want:

  • More time for important conversations with clinical people
  • Continuity of carer and a closer relationship with their caregivers
  • Connection with peers who can educate and inspire them
  • The reassurance of systematic, proactive follow up and review
  • To feel in control and able to manage their health issues themselves.

Very early on after we set up The ELC Programme, we heard about group consultations. We thought they were a good idea. The more people told us what mattered to them, the more we realised that group consultations were a great solution.

The ELC Programme has captured best practice and built a training and coaching programme that enables teams and organisations to embed group consultations into routine clinical practice.

Group consultations are now one of 10 high impact actions in the GP Forward View.  We are working across the country to embed them at scale.

Find out the evidence that supports group consultations as a way of practicing

Watch the video below to learn about the practicalities of setting up running your own group consultation:

See practitioners talking about the benefits of engaging patients differently by implementing group consultations in Croydon GP practices:

Watch this video to hear practitioners from NW England share their experiences of running group consultations in 2017:

Patients with arthritis attending a group clinic at Alnwick in Northumberland share their experiences on this new model of healthcare delivery:

Watch this video to find out from Dr Niti Pall what it feels like to consult in a group setting:

Read our case study of introducing group consultations in Slough CCG as part of The Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund: