ELC™ Life Improver ScoreOver the past seven years, we have found that providing health and care organisations with insights into what matters most is not enough to make change happen.

Health and care systems are driven primarily by the outcomes they measure.

Even if they understand what matters to people, providers respond to the metrics that commissioners or their performance management frameworks demand.

If we want to create person centred change, we need to fundamentally change the outcomes and measures we use.

In response, we have developed a new outcomes measurement tool and operating system that is co-designed with people, families and front line teams.

We call it The Life Improver Score, and it can be used to measure, at whole system level, how the lives of people and families are changing.  It can also measure how working lives are changing when new care models are introduced or mainstreamed.

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In 2015/16 we piloted the Life Improver Score with funding from NHS England. Click the button to the right to download the outputs of that work.

Read the case study below to see the kind of data The Life Improver Score generates:

Download Family Asthma Life Improver Score Here

Listen to a podcast about the Asthma Family Life Improver Score by following this link.