Our Programmes: ELC™ Life Improver ScoreThe Family Asthma Life Improver Score was developed and tested by The ELC Programme for Northern England Commissioning Support on behalf of Newcastle and Gateshead CCG in 2015. Its development was funded by NHS England as one of eight pathfinder sites for person centred outcome measures (PCOMs).

On this page you can receive:

  • A presentation summarising the Family Asthma Life Improver Score domains with suggestions on how to mobilise it
  • An Infographic summarising top tips for those mobilising the Life Improver Score as a place based system measure
  • An Infographic, which will help those using the tool with children and their parents to have caring conversations about living with asthma that generate high quality data and insight
  • A case study that illustrates the kind of insight the Family Life Improver Score generates.

All these resources are free. Please note: these resources will be available to download for free via our upcoming Subscription facility. In the meantime, please email georgina@elcworks.co.uk to receive the resources via email.

If you would like help and support to mobilise Family Asthma Life Improver Scores in your area, please get in touch.

Measuring What Matters: The Family Asthma Life Improver Score


Top Tips For Caring Conversations: Working With Patients And The Life Improver Score (LIS)


Implementing Life Family Life Improver Score At Scale


Case Study: Improving Outcomes For Families Living With Asthma In Newcastle And Gateshead

(Case Study)