We know how much relationships matter to people. Every piece of work we have ever done sees relationships with their GP and other clinicians top of the pile in the priorities of people who live with long term health issues. They tell us these relationship reassure them and give them confidence to take control and keep well.

Now The Harvard Business Review has found the same thing and has examined a number of providers who are doing really great work in this sphere.

Health systems that want to deliver relationship centred care at scale need to design care through a completely different lens. It is not about setting access targets, it is about measuring continuity of care and the quality of relationships with clinical people. It is not about automating processes for efficiency, it is about designing systems around people and creating the right conditions for relationships to thrive.

Currently in the NHS we do not value relationships. Is that because we do not measure them? The Life Improver Score solves that challenge for you.

So, the only remaining question is, when will you decide to respond to the evidence and switch to relationship centred design?

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