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“Kristi, thank you so much for facilitating our GC training today. You were great and I think we all enjoyed the afternoon and had some fun whilst still learning plenty.

I suspect there will be a lot of red, yellow, green and blue talk for the next few weeks!”

Dr Helen Rutherford, GP Wokingham Medical Centre, West Berkshire CCG
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“We have worked with the ELC team on the development of Person Centered Outcome Measures for people living with Diabetes and also for people living with COPD and Asthma.

What we valued about the person centered approach was the ability to truly understand what matters most to patients living in Wirral and how we can improve the future care for people with these conditions.

It was really helpful to have training for our team to build the skills set and enable us to undertake the data collection in-house. The support and guidance provided by the ELC team for the training along with the analysis and production of visually impactful infographics were effective and we have had really positive feedback about the outputs which we have shared with our Executive Sponsor, partners across health and social care and most importantly people living with these conditions.

This will be the first time that we can use a tool not only to measure what truly matters to people living with long term conditions but also as a way to support them to improve their health and wellbeing.”

Anna Rigby, Programme Manager, Healthy Wirral Team
“When I got home yesterday evening, my wife (our practice team’s HCA) told me repeatedly and in detail just how good she thought the (group consultations practice development) day had been: well thought out, well presented, well delivered, great resources, motivating etc, etc; ‘probably the best study day I have been on’.

I only heard other comments in passing, but they were equally very appreciative – well done!”

Dr Peter O’Brien, GP partner and Locality Lead, Coventry and Warwickshire CCG
“EY worked in partnership with The ELC Programme on a research project commissioned by NHS England to understand the influence of patient leadership on improving experience of care. EY expertise was complimented by ELC’s deep knowledge of co-design.  Our combined skills meant we were able to describe critical success factors and a system-wide framework to support patient leaders have impact on experience of care using feedback.

EY also worked with ELC to redesign a musculoskeletal pathway in Western Sussex. ELC work with patients and carers to understand their MSK journey was invaluable. Understanding the outcomes that patients value supported EY to triangulate patient voice with insights generated with health professionals.”

Dr Anita Goraya, Director, Advisory, EY

“Having been in the primary care sector for nearly 2 years this is genuinely the best and most relevant training I have experienced so far.  You delivered a really engaging, interesting and interactive session that has really prepared our team for the next steps in setting up and delivering Group Consultations.

We over are genuinely excited about the journey ahead and we are looking forward to working with you over the next few months.”

Karen Creffield, Practice Manager, Frome Medical Practice

“The Group Consultation study day –  what a great team! The trainers were fabulous and although I was already a big fan of group consultations, I’m even more of a fan now! I did some great networking and got offers of help on developing a business case. I am going to pitch to my CCG (again)!”

Susan Thomas, Advanced Nurse Practitioner
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“We worked with Georgina and her team to introduce the principles of a Person-Centered Outcome Measurement approach within the Pre-Birth to 19-25 system to help us listen in and learn from children, young people and families to support improvement.

Working with The ELC Programme has triggered us to move from ‘thought in what we know’ towards ‘insight that stimulates action’. Georgina and her team provided space to think and listen.

They provoked reflection and dialogue that identified where the organisational system is. They developed a methodology and tools to help us embrace change and innovation so we can move from a position of ‘identifying the possibilities’ to turning a ‘spotlight on the opportunities’ that tap the potentiality, add value and make the difference to families.

We really valued the input of ELC and the wealth of knowledge and experience they have to bring, which continues to add value to future service delivery!”

People Commissioning Directorate, Essex County Council
“When people talk about putting the patient at the centre of care, it can be a cliché. It stands to reason; why do we even need to say it?

Georgina understands what it really means to design, deliver, and measure care that is built around the patient.  She is a skilled and insightful facilitator; able to get to the core of issues, and leverage her experience to support meaningful dialogue.”

Russell Gundry, South East CSU
“We were delighted to work with the ELC team on developing person-centred outcomes for the MSK redesign in coastal West Sussex.

They were professional, empathetic and really lived their values.”

Philippa Thompson, Chief Executive, Independent Lives
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“This approach offers a really effective way of incorporating users’ views into the commissioning process. I can endorse ELC. I have seen evidence of its effectiveness at putting patient experience at the heart of planning and design of health services.”
Dr Brian Fisher MBE, PPI Lead for the NHS Alliance
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“New NHS Alliance has benefitted on many occasions both from Georgina’s deep insights into the workings of the health sector and her ability to work collaboratively to gain buy-in and move agendas forward.

The combination of her ideas, energy and competency make for excellent outcomes every time.”

Merron Simpson, Chief Executive, New NHS Alliance
“We have worked with the ELC team to develop local Person Centred Outcome Measures (PCOM) for people living with complex conditions, and their carers.

ELC led the process of gathering feedback and a co design workshop with patient and family carer experts, which resulted in a set of agreed PCOM domains.

The chance to work with skilled and expert practitioners who led us through this process was a great opportunity – as was seeing a powerful co design process in action.”

Jane Lodge, Head of Engagement, Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group
“I would like to say a big thank you to Alison and Georgina, from ELC who have provided their time, care and expertise in training, supporting & coaching staff along the journey towards group consultations.

Their dedication and professionalism has been invaluable throughout. I would highly recommend their services for the future!”

Louise Brady, Clinical & Strategic Development Lead for Practice Nursing, NHS Manchester CCG’s

“It’s not often I come back from a training session feeling as excited and energised as I did today. We didn’t stop talking the whole journey back and we’re confident we’ll have group consultations embedded in our practice soon.

Georgina is an absolute star. I learned such a huge amount today just watching her facilitate the session.”

Dr Helen Rutherford, GP Wokingham Medical Centre, West Berkshire CCG
“It is not often you hear about truly innovative approaches. This is one. Its potential to support delivery of patient centred commissioning is exciting.”
Dr James Kingsland, National Clinical Commissioning Lead, Department of Health
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“You delivered a masterclass in facilitation.”

Learning programme participant
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“ELC are a unique organisation bringing new thinking to the commissioning cycle using real patient and community experience to do needs analysis and design new solutions that really matter to people.”

The philosophy and methodology is probably the most robust I have seen.

I know that I will use this again and again in designing service models that are impactful.

Dr. Niti Pall, GP

“Can I just say thank you again for a most enjoyable day? Please pass on our thanks to Kristi and Susan too. The energy by the end was amazing, with several of the teams planning their first meetings and the others have a plan for when rather than if too.

You brought back that buzz from last year’s masterclass workshop and I was so pleased I could bring many of my team to hear at first hand. Hopefully, the momentum will continue, and we have the mechanisms in place to continue to scale across the city.”

Dr Rob Arnold, GP Partner and Locality Lead, Leeds CCG