Last week I attended a national meeting for local evaluators from The NHS Care Home Vanguards.

The ELC Programme is evaluating The Nottingham City care Home Vanguard from a resident and care home staff perspective, using person centred outcome measurement tools, designed to uncover what matters most to residents and staff.

A number of teams reported challenges engaging with care home teams. We have not experienced this and I offered to capture some top tips and share them. The result is the Infographic available for download here.

 You might like to download and use yourself if you are doing work with care homes.

The thing is, I honestly believe that no one is ‘hard to engage’. We just haven’t understood why the work we are doing isn’t mattering to those people yet.

None of us are mind readers. Listening deeply and keeping curious about what matters is fundamental to successful evaluation and outcomes measurement. If we meet people where they are and make sure we are helpful, most people are more than willing to contribute and share their stories.

If you want to learn more about measuring what matters to care home residents, get in touch for a free diagnostic.