This year, we supported an ELC Transformation Programme across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to understand what matters to care home residents and their families.

We found strong evidence that care home staff – especially non clinical staff – have a huge impact on the lives of the residents they care for; most especially at the end of life. Care home staff often have very close relationships and connections with their residents. They can understand what they are communicating – even when they can no longer use words. They are also extremely proud of the support they give and would like to be better respected by clinical people for their contribution.

We also found that in care homes, there is an opportunity to do much more to support residents to keep mobile. When mobility fails, people end up in hospital. Most of the activities in care homes are sedentary, so finding innovative ways to keep residents moving is really important.

If you would like to do some discovery work with your care home residents, contact us to find out more.